Synthesis : A Platform Adventure

Travel from the desert to the city, explore the mountains and the ocean , solve amazing puzzle levels and collect all the substance you can because you will need it to progress in the game.
Pay attention to the patterns and rhythm of the obstacles to get to the next level.

Download Synthesis now and enjoy this beautiful and challenging experience.

Drip is a colourfull endless platformer
Simple one-tap controls for continuous and exciting gameplay.

Tap left or right sides of the screen to choose the direction, avoid all traps and obstacles , and have fun.

The Emos are here !!!
They are small, fun and have a giant sweet tooth !

They just want more and more jelly beans !

Help them unlock the worlds of sweetness, and catch all the jellybeans they can !

Watch out for monsters on the platforms, they want your candy , use the stars when they are around .

Have fun, explore new worlds, and get ready because new Emos are coming!

Quantum 0.9>1.0
Get ready for a geometric adventure .
Quantum is a geometric endless game with a minimalist design that you will never get bored of.
Train your brain reaction time if you want to reach the leaderboards !
 the left/right half of the screen and avoid all the obstacles in your way !
Win bits to unlock new keys and game modes from simple static objects to a geometric orquestra that will challenge you to the extreme.

Blockdrive is Out!
The perfect time killer game !
Block Drive is a minimalist puzzle game.
You just need to tap the intersections before the blocks arrive to change the direction and forwards them to the destination with the corresponding color. 
Simple ...
You will be amazed of how challenging and fun it can be.
Train your brain reaction time if you want to reach the top !